This is a two-minute blog recommending movies to watch and enjoy.  I also offer a companion piece because why watch one movie when you can watch two!  All the movies I have selected should be readily available through streaming services or through other sites for sale or rent.  Let me know if you have trouble sourcing a movie.

The blog is named in honour of my youngest daughter Tash.  Who upon hearing that her foodie mum wanted to launch her own blog as a food critic, enquired as to what a food cricket is?  Her alternate mindset and wicked sense of the ordinary still makes us laugh.

If you like my nifty movie cricket logo and avatar designed and realised by my other daughter Ella, then checkout her portfolio.  My talented daughters take after their talented mum (it had to come from somewhere).  And it is their mum who after much persuasion finally got me to publish this blog.