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In the unlikely event that you haven’t seen the last Bond movie, then you simply must watch Spectre if only for the (apparent) single cut opening sequence – its just brilliant.  There is so much more, see below …

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Spectre is best watched after the previous Sam Mendes effort Skyfall, rightfully considered the best Bond movie of all. It is remarkable how seamlessly the two movies go together – having the same director providing a singular vision helps. I was initially underwhelmed seeing Spectre, it just never seemed to get going! The reason for this is simple – Javier Bardem. Bond films are very much defined by their villain and there has never been a better Bond nemesis than Mr. Silva. He is an outrageously charismatic character so deliciously played. Blofeld may initially seem tame in comparison but I think Christoph Waltz correctly plays him as somewhat detached, analytical and highly calculating. He is after all the mastermind of a large criminal organisation, playing the long game with smaller defter gambits. Two outstanding ‘action’ films which may well represent the high point of the franchise.

Speaking of the franchise, Dr. No came out in 1962 making James Bond one of the longest running movie franchises.  Danny Boyle is currently working on the script for the next instalment and will most likely direct it.  It is planned for release at the end of 2019.

What is the longest running movie franchise?  Hint: he is very large and maybe the subject of another blog.

Happy viewing!

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